Welcome to Tara Decor

A company that supply curtain and interior design service in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. We are your one stop window solution needs for your home and office. Our company supplies and installs curtain, wallpaper, carpet, blinds, tinted film, flooring, mosquito netting, and wooden ceiling. Besides that, we provide free consultation service.

  Supply & Install
Curtain     窗帘
Wallpaper     墙纸 Blinds     各式卷帘, 直帘 Carpet     地毯
Tinted Film     玻璃镜纸 Flooring     地板 Mosquito Netting     蚊网 Wooden Ceiling     环保天花


Blinds 26 products
Carpet 10 products
Curtain 130 products
Flooring 7 products
Mosquito Net 5 products
Tinted Film 6 products
Wallpaper 93 products
Others 4 products

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